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How to Welcome CONSISTENT 5 Figure Months...WITHOUT Burn Out
By Desiree Stafford
Can your marketing deliver PREDICTABLE [multi] 5 figure months from a few Facebook posts per WEEK [or ONE webinar if you're feeling really ambitious ;) ]?

If not, you're working WAY too hard.

Of course, there are multiple ways to run a profitable business.

You could choose the slow and hard way with adrenal fatigue on the side....or the fast and simple way with awe inspiring grace. The choice is YOURS, of course.

Now, because I LOVE teaching the latter I'll explain why some folks struggle their way to 10K months while others succeed at the 20K+ level with a more relaxed approach.

First, let's consider the concept that hard work/non stop hustle is a GUARANTEED path to success.

Have you ever noticed that the constant grind doesn't always bring you the results you desire?

Perhaps you're working your tail off, but you're not seeing a STEADY flow of clients and cash. That's an indication that your equation for success is off.

Before we go further you should know that I was once stuck in the struggle mode myself.

I invested a FORTUNE in mindset, marketing and sales programs...but despite my best efforts my goals kept eluding me.

There were many weekends spent working and missing moments with my family and friends.

On countless sleepless nights I questioned my sanity for racking up so much debt while trying to figure out how to make my business sustainable.
I can still taste the salt from my tears as I sat at my desk one afternoon, staring at my laptop, crying inconsolably when I saw the negative balance in my bank account AGAIN.

My mortgage was due and I had NO prospects in the pipeline. Something needed to change FAST.

But instead of pushing HARDER, which only seemed to make things worse. I focused on what was going on inside of me that was creating the results I DIDN'T want.

Then, I redesigned my business and marketing to SERVE me...and within 30 days I leaped from averaging 10K in sales per month to my first 20K CA$H with far LESS effort [it's why we do QUANTUM leaps in my camp ;) ].
You see, no matter how many paint by numbers programs you join YOU are the CAUSE of your success or failure.

Your mindset and marketing work TOGETHER for you or against you.

That means your results or lack thereof are stemming from whatever you're thinking, believing, feeling and/or doing BEHIND the words in your copy.

If you want your marketing to actually do it's job, so you can bring in the income that you and your family deserve [like clockwork] you need to uncover the hidden beliefs and patterns that are creating struggle for you right now.

Ditching the "hard work = success" paradigm that's been causing you to hover waaaay BELOW your potential for YEARS is the challenging part.
Because it's driven by unconscious beliefs typically tied to fears about your worthiness, deservibility or safety.

The folks who don't figure this out continue using FORCE [slow and hard] vs. POWER [fast and simple] to get results. And they often burn out before ever achieving their goals.

But it doesn't have to be that way for YOU.

The path to EFFORTLESS success is waiting for you to choose it. Work is required...but struggle is NOT.

When you're ready for the guidance and support you need, once and for all, make your way over to my application page and schedule a [no cost] makeover session with yours truly ;) 

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Overcoming the Disappointments, Worry and Mental BS that BLOCK Your Sales
By Desiree Stafford
Ever feel like you can't remember when your last sale was?

And no matter how HARD you work you can't seem to book discovery sessions for the life of you.

I've been there. That's why in this video I shared SIMPLE effective tips to shift the BS that's standing between you and your next sale. 
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How to Attract QUALIFIED Prospects
By Desiree Stafford
If there was a book called "The Hierarchy of Needs for Coaches" the need for APPROVAL would be the first chapter.

Because that is the most devastatingly prolific and detrimental PERCEIVED need that keeps most coaches CHASING clients [and going broke] instead of being PURSUED.

Can I explain why you should STOP "trying" to be liked and [finally!] unleash the unfiltered, uncaged and UNAPOLOGETIC version of you...SPECIFICALLY the parts of your personality that you were criticized for?

And why you should burst out of your spiritual closet and reveal the "woo woo" parts of your work you've been too afraid folks would judge you for?

Or would you prefer to continue enduring the bitter aftertaste of self-betrayal every time you fail to say what you mean to say, EXACTLY the way you mean to say it in your marketing?

Thought so.

Now let's begin…

Playing it safe = boring. And it effectively places you in the category of "just another coach".

This is why everyone and their momma is fighting so HARD to standout in a sea of sameness.

But while they're competing for their clients' attention you can learn how to COMMAND it...even if you're an introvert like me.

Because you DON'T need to make a lot of noise to be the loudest [or influential] voice in Facebook groups to make the money you and your business deserve.

In fact, most of my posts could win the award for having the LEAST comments are likes...but they deliver big returns in the form of MULTI 5 figure months, weeks and sales.

These results don't come from the "spray and pray", vanilla bland marketing that most folks employ. That's guaranteed to put you on the fast track to BURN OUT.

Instead, it's about artfully positioning yourself as the BEST choice for your ideal clients regardless of the "well known" experts they might be considering.

This comes naturally to me today...but there was a time when my fear of rejection and not being liked kept me from being SEEN and HEARD by the peeps I was destined to serve.

You see, my "direct, no chaser" personality has ruffled more than a few feathers in my personal and professional life.

So I worried about how I'd be perceived by potential clients. That was PRECISELY the trap that lead to me attracting many of the WRONG peeps.

And then there was the spiritual aspect of my work that I hid for the first couple of years of my business.

Even though it helps my clients open up the channels to receive 5 figure CA$H months or sales I didn't feel comfortable talking about my "woo woo" side or big numbers because I was worried folks would judge me for it.

Problem was, trying to "tone it down" and hide parts of my work was the very approval seeking behavior that made me feel as repressed as a Stepford wife...and it REPELLED my ideal peeps.

This is why the goal of your marketing isn't to get EVERYONE to like you. Instead it's to FASCINATE the peeps you were BORN to serve.

That requires having the courage and boldness to be UNAPOLOGETIC about who you really are. You'll run the risk of polarizing and triggering some people...and that's EXACTLY what you should be doing.

Because your unmasked personality and the intangible gifts you've been too afraid to talk about were given to you [by someone wise ;) ], so that you could serve your ideal clients BETTER than anyone else can.

So put your approval seeking on permanent PAUSE...and leverage whatever you've been suppressing.

Good news: whatever people think of you is THEIR business not yours.

Better news: you can finally give yourself permission to have FUN with your marketing.

Best news: being really REAL will have clients chasing YOU for a change ;)

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How to BE a Coach or Mentor Who Commands $5K to $25K Fees...Easily and Effortlessly
By Desiree Stafford
Perhaps you want to raise your fees...and you're wondering where the hell the clients are who are willing to pay YOU more....

....Or worried that closing sales will be so much harder at higher fees...

...Watch this video to learn how you can command 5K - 25K for what you already know how to do ....and get it.
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Why Raising Your Fees Isn't Enough to Attract High End Clients Month After Month
By Desiree Stafford
I've seen it over and over again. A coach or mentor doubles their rates AND the length of their program to earn the "10K/20K SALE" badge of honor. 

But that's just trading time for money [I'll explain why that's a GUARANTEE for burn out another time ;) ].

For today, let's address the false idea that all you need to do is charge more to attract high end clients CONSISTENTLY.

I'm going to tell you something you don't want to hear: being good at what you do, is obviously important...but it isn't enough to command higher fees.
If it were hunting for clients would be a thing of the past for you right now.

We all want to believe that our expertise should be the only that matters, but that's not REALITY.

We live in a world where we not only have to be the BEST at our particular specialty... but we also have to effectively position ourselves in the marketplace [or render the competition irrelevant].

Most people fail to command 5 figure fees CONSISTENTLY because they have no idea HOW to do it the right way.

This is why so many smart folks experience beginners luck with their first 10K/20K sale or two...but struggle like hell to repeat it.

I've been there. My first 5 figure sale was for a year long group program. I sold two spots and couldn't sell another....and quietly I lowered my fees in mortal embarrassment.

After a year of not feeling good enough to charge more and swearing NO one would pay me THAT much. I raised my fees...and I get 'em over and over again.

In fact, I've collapsed that year long 10K group program into a 3 month group intensive.

So, here are 5 things you may want to consider if you desire a powerful 5 figure offer that CONVERTS effortlessly:

>> Focus on EXCELLENCE vs. mediocrity...or sell the ONE thing you do best instead of trying to be all things to all people

>> Understand the BURNING PROBLEM your offer solves for your NEW ideal client, because raising your fees means raising your standards

>> Charge based on the lifetime value of your program, so you can stand firmly in your fee

>> Structure your delivery to be refund PROOF [or a renewal and referral magnet]

>> Focus on why you were BORN to serve your ideal client at this moment in time [especially for you if you're scared to charge more than your peers]

And we haven't even discussed the money mindset, spiritual growth and marketing stuff, which is beyond the scope of this post.

Without sorting out these missing pieces raising your fees could take a wrong turn...and put you back to competing with everyone else for the SAME 3K/5K clients.

But when you get this right 10K/20K "Yes on the spot" dream peeps will flock to YOU ...easily and CONSISTENTLY.

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