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Worried that you'll burn out before hitting your first/next 6 figures? 

Relax. Because I can show you how to make more money with far less effort.
Let’s see: 
  •  You're a coach, mentor, transformational leader, or spiritual entrepreneur who is ready to go from surviving to THRIVING... with EASE
  •  You're serious about UNAPOLOGETICALLY owning who you are, overcoming your fear of rejection, and getting visible
  •  You're ready to build a reputation of EXCELLENCE that commands high end fees...regardless of what your competition is charging
  •  You’re excited about stepping into your power and worth NOW
That's YOU, right?

Then, click the red button below to claim your [no cost] Breakthrough Session with me to discover...
  •  The why behind why you're having an up and down relationship with you go from cash spurts to STEADY cash flow 
  •  Where to find the $3K - $25K sales that are hiding in your business right now
  •  A simple marketing plan that CONSISTENTLY attract "dream to work with" clients who RENEW and send you less than 60 minutes per day
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From $0 to $10K CASH in Less Than 30 Days
Yesterday I signed my second client who paid in FULL. My fees are 5-figures and she paid up totally in full. In less than 30 days I have achieved my goal.

- Elaine L.

Brilliance OWNED
I was spinning in a sea of business ideas and negative self talk. I was being pulled in two directions: either I could continue in my business as the implementer or own my brilliance and take on a more strategic role.

Since taking Desiree's boot camp, I have the confidence to share my gifts with the world without feeling like an imposter. The advice she shared was both simple, practical, and exactly what I needed to hear to propel my business forward.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with Desiree.

- Simona M.
From 4 Figure Months to [Multi] 5 Figure SALE
Before I started working with Desiree, my business was stagnant. It was a struggle to get clients and my audience was local and narrow. 

Within a month of working with her, I got several clients and my first international coaching client. Within three months, I closed the biggest publishing deal of my career and added a podcast to my company.

The adjustments we made in my marketing and social media strategies made all of the difference.

- Juliet C.
From $150/hour to $3K SALES
Before working with Desiree my message was not solid, and as a result the leads were not consistent. During one of my sessions with Desiree, we came up with a working strategy that would generate a 6 figure income, and I sold my first program for $3,000.

Now, I realize there was so much that I didn't know prior to the program. I have come out on the other side educated, confident, and ready to get my service out to the world and in a bigger way.

- Shelley S.

Confidence Claimed
Before I worked with Desiree, I didn't have a structure for marketing my coaching business. I didn't know how to attract clients and I felt sales-y when I would talk about my services.

Since working together, I have more confidence marketing online and I'm more confident about charging for my services.

- Beck F.

Mindset Breakthrough
I  took what you said about mindset and actually applied it. 

I had my very FIRST 4 figure week in the 2 years that I've been coaching. Talk about a breakthrough. Thank you!

- Jamilah M.
Money Blocks...Released
I learned how to align myself with customers who I enjoy working with. I learned how to change situations and circumstances in my life that have been holding me back for years. I also learned to say, “no”!

 Simply by adjusting my thinking, doing some soul searching, and working through the comprehensive training and action guides, I noticed a major improvement in my over-all well-being.
Now, I view my money differently and treat it accordingly. I made the decision to place myself in a new market, where I’m serving myself as well as others in a greater capacity and for more money!

 I discovered it’s okay to love money, without feeling ashamed, or worrying what others may think. My on-going support calls with Desiree helped to solidify the wonderful program she created. I am grateful to Desiree…she continues to inspire me.

- Gail C.

"Fire Fueled" Focus
Desiree's unique ability to listen to my pain points and advise accordingly truly helped me put my priorities in place.

I recommend her coaching to entrepreneurs looking for sound advice on how to prioritize their goals and not lose sight of their passion.

- Angel P.
Growth Without Overwhelm
Before working with Desiree I was very overwhelmed with how to successfully grow my business. But now, I have a clear plan of action.

She helped me launch my first webinar, and I was able to put together a marketing strategy to build my list, attract my ideal clients, set up my sales funnel and a follow up system. I was blown away with the amount of value I received.

- Lakeisha H.
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