Desiree Stafford
Mindset Coach | Business Mentor

CHASING and CONVINCING clients to hire you? Ancient History.

Big money one month...then NO sales again for WEEKS? Buh Bye.

MEDIOCRE marketing that looks and sounds like everyone else but...YOU? Fahgettaboudit.

Because I'll show you how to attract the "YES on the Spot" DREAM clients behind your "pleasure measured" 6 [or multi 6] figure business...with ease.
I'm Desiree and I don't believe it's a coincidence that you've found your way to my site. 

You see, I show ambitious entrepreneurs like you how to make money as big as your PURPOSE.

You WANT IT ALL and you can have it all WITHOUT burn out...provided you're willing to break a few "rules".

Let me ask you this...

How much would you LOVE to answer that "when are you getting a REAL job" question with $10K, $20K or whatever K months, WEEKS or SALES...even if  you're NOT a business coach or you DON'T have a list, fancy website or expensive branding?

Thought so. 
It starts with a choice. A decision to stop hedging.

If you choose to ditch your doubts and take a stand for yourself...

To decide to quit flirting with success and actually get it...

If you're willing to go ALL IN, so you can feel confident in your ability to receive the funds to live a big life yand support your family the way you truly desire...

You are definitely in the right place.

My clients are smart MISSION driven service based entrepreneurs [coaches, consultants, experts, healers, authors and professional service providers] who know they are on the edge of something AMAZING, but they need some guidance and accountability to make a quantum leap. And they like a little woo-woo thrown in for good measure.

Tired of undercharging and over delivering?

Sick of attracting needy and demanding clients and their "I can't afford it" friends?

Frustrated with hopping from coach to coach or program to program...but you still haven't achieved the RESULTS you've hoped for?

When you're ready to stop wasting your time and money - and [finally!] make this online thing work FOR YOU - I'll show you how to make your dreams a reality.

Together we'll take you from cash spurts to CONSISTENT cash flow.
From $0 to $10K CASH in Less Than 30 Days
Yesterday I signed my second client who paid in FULL. My fees are 5-figures and she paid up totally in full. In less than 30 days I have achieved my goal.

- Elaine L.

Brilliance OWNED
I was spinning in a sea of business ideas and negative self talk. I was being pulled in two directions: either I could continue in my business as the implementer or own my brilliance and take on a more strategic role.

Since taking Desiree's boot camp, I have the confidence to share my gifts with the world without feeling like an imposter. The advice she shared was both simple, practical, and exactly what I needed to hear to propel my business forward.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with Desiree.

- Simona M.
From 4 Figure Months to [Multi] 5 Figure SALE
Before I started working with Desiree, my business was stagnant. It was a struggle to get clients and my audience was local and narrow. 

Within a month of working with her, I got several clients and my first international coaching client. Within three months, I closed the biggest publishing deal of my career and added a podcast to my company.

The adjustments we made in my marketing and social media strategies made all of the difference.

- Juliet C.

Mindset Breakthrough
I  took what you said about mindset and actually applied it. 

I had my very FIRST 4 figure week in the 2 years that I've been coaching. Talk about a breakthrough. Thank you!

- Jamilah M.

From $150/hour to $3K SALES
Before working with Desiree my message was not solid, and as a result the leads were not consistent. During one of my sessions with Desiree, we came up with a working strategy that would generate a 6 figure income, and I sold my first program for $3,000.

Now, I realize there was so much that I didn't know prior to the program. I have come out on the other side educated, confident, and ready to get my service out to the world and in a bigger way.

- Shelley S.

Confidence Claimed
Before I worked with Desiree, I didn't have a structure for marketing my coaching business. I didn't know how to attract clients and I felt sales-y when I would talk about my services.

Since working together, I have more confidence marketing online and I'm more confident about charging for my services.

- Beck F.
Money Blocks...Released
I learned how to align myself with customers who I enjoy working with. I learned how to change situations and circumstances in my life that have been holding me back for years. I also learned to say, “no”!

 Simply by adjusting my thinking, doing some soul searching, and working through the comprehensive training and action guides, I noticed a major improvement in my over-all well-being.
Now, I view my money differently and treat it accordingly. I made the decision to place myself in a new market, where I’m serving myself as well as others in a greater capacity and for more money!

 I discovered it’s okay to love money, without feeling ashamed, or worrying what others may think. My on-going support calls with Desiree helped to solidify the wonderful program she created. I am grateful to Desiree…she continues to inspire me.

- Gail C.

"Fire Fueled" Focus
Desiree's unique ability to listen to my pain points and advise accordingly truly helped me put my priorities in place.

I recommend her coaching to entrepreneurs looking for sound advice on how to prioritize their goals and not lose sight of their passion.

- Angel P.
Growth Without Overwhelm
Before working with Desiree I was very overwhelmed with how to successfully grow my business. But now, I have a clear plan of action.

She helped me launch my first webinar, and I was able to put together a marketing strategy to build my list, attract my ideal clients, set up my sales funnel and a follow up system. I was blown away with the amount of value I received.

- Lakeisha H.
Discover How to Attract Clients NOW...and Book your YEARLY income in the 90 Days.
VIrtual private VIP Day
Freedom Business Design
By application only
  • A 5 hour deep dive for the ambitious entrepreneur who is ready to welcome 5 figure months with Freedom, Fun and Fulfillment
  • Clarify your VISION, empower your VOICE and design a high-end offer that honors your VALUE
  • "60 minutes per day" marketing plan 
  • 30 days of email support
Private coaching & mentoring
Game Changer: $250K Shortcut
By application only
  • For high/overachievers who are ready to build a $250K+ "pleasure measured" business with 1 VA
  • Guidance to leap from 5 figure MONTHS to 10K/20K WEEKS & SALES without losing your soul
  • 100% customized mind f*ck strategies 
  • Super simple, super FUN marketing strategy
  • "Failure is NOT an option" accountability 
hybrid Group intensive
"Yes on the Spot" Clients
By application only
  • Fast paced program for rule breakers ready to CONSISTENTLY attract the best clients...and get on track for 6 figures without BURN OUT
  • Discover the mindset and marketing hacks to attract PRE-SOLD clients with PREDICTABILITY
  •  Strategies tailored for you and your business
  • "Feet to the fire" accountability
Desiree Stafford is an Amazon best-selling author who's been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS.

She went from barely making $40K per year as an employee to running both a part time 6 figure real estate business and 7 figure real estate company.

But during her first several months online she found herself floundering and knee deep in debt. 

Driven by a fierce desire to live her dreams and inspire others to do the SAME she hired world class mentors for guidance and support.

Within a few months she took her business from struggling to success by increasing her self worth, adopting a QUANTUM leap mindset and DEFYING the vanilla bland, boring, "cookie cutter" marketing strategies. 

Today she shows her clients how to make money as big as their PURPOSE by attracting “YES on the spot” DREAM clients with ease ....faster than they can renew their passports. 

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