I help coaches, therapists, healers, and other transformational experts attract high value clients online, grow to 6/7 figures, and enjoy more freedom.

I help ambitious coaches, therapists, healers and other transformational experts attract high ticket clients online, add 6/7 figures, and enjoy more freedom.

Imagine celebrating a $50K CASH month 30 days from now ... serving your clients better while working less ... and closing $10K, $30K, or $50K sales in ONE phone call with confidence and integrity.

Those are the type of results my clients are getting. That's why I know I can show YOU how to do the same...even if you don't have a big list, expensive branding, or a team of 10 people.

What would that mean to your bottom line? Your confidence? Your family?

Let me assure you that it's all within your reach IF you have someone in your corner to show you the HOW.

Now, before we get ahead ourselves, I'm Desiree. And I don't believe it's a coincidence that you've found your way to my site.

I attract high achieving coaches, healers, and other spiritual entrepreneurs when they know they're DONE playing small. 

Here's the deal, working harder is NOT the answer. 

As evidenced by the fact that doing more launches, 24/7 content creation, and implementing half a dozen marketing strategies increased your stress level instead of your bank account. 

I'm betting that you're not experiencing nearly as much fun with your husband/wife, kids...even the dog is bitter, am I right?

Let's not forget the fact that you haven't taken a REAL vacation, you know the kind when you actually unplug from your business, in forever. 

Good news is I'm here to help. 

That means your days of settling for "just enough" to cover your salary and expenses are OVER.

Tolerating the type of clients who mentally and emotionally DRAIN you is ancient history.

Oh, and say "buh bye" to any weirdness you feel about closing high ticket sales. Because I'll show you how to sell like the powerhouse you are, so you can receive what you're worth (I promise your clients will thank YOU for it).

You do want to make a bigger impact, don't you?

Thought so.

I have a thing for showing high-powered women like you how to scale to the your next level faster and easier.

We have a strict NO HUSTLE policy in my camp because having the time and energy to enjoy the money you make is important. 

Best part is you'll succeed while being true to who you REALLY are (hint: putting yourself last on your list stops here).
It all starts with a choice. A decision to stop hedging.

If you choose to ditch your doubts and take a stand for yourself...

To decide to quit flirting with success and actually get it...

If you're willing to go ALL IN and give yourself permission to RECEIVE "more than enough" money to support yourself and your family the way you truly desire...

I'd be honored to show you how to play a much bigger game.

My clients are smart, mission-driven powerhouses who know they are on the edge of something AMAZING, but they need some guidance and accountability to make a quantum leap. And they like a little woo-woo thrown in for good measure.

If you're DONE with undercharging, overthinking and working your tail to the bone...

You're exasperated from hopping from coach to coach or program to program...and still not achieving the results you KNOW you're capable of...

And you're ready to teach your business to work FOR YOU for a change - I'd love to show you how to make your dreams a reality NOW [not "someday", maybe never].

Together we'll take you from feeling frustrated and exhausted to relaxed and free.

Your big vision has been on hold long enough.  

It's time to (finally!) realize it, yes?

$50K Booked In THREE WEEKS
Private and Powerhouse On FIRE client, best selling author, Janelle Hoyland, is spiritual leader and best selling author.
Powerhouse Unleashed Intensive client, Dr. Aaron Turpeau, is a successful marriage and relationship counselor.
$58K Booked In SIX WEEKS
Powerhouse Unleashed Intensive client, Hind Adeagbo, is a success coach for Muslim women entrepreneurs.
$47K Booked In THREE WEEKS
Powerhouse on FIRE client, Whitney Nicely, is a "no money down" real estate investing coach.
From $100/hour to $5K SALE In 2 WEEKS
VIP Day client, Ann-Lee Waite, leads her clients on the path of self-empowerment through more connection with their bodies.
From $1K Months To $17K In 2 WEEKS
Powerhouse Unleashed Intensive client, Susheela Ramachandran, is an intuitive coach.
Best Income Year Ever
Private client, Angie Ford, is a high performance coaches for top athletes, CEOs, award-winning entrepreneurs, actors and performing artists
From Non Stop Hustle To Ease And Flow
Powerhouse Unleashed Intensive client, Laura Wallace, is a brand and mindset coach and podcast host.
$50K in THREE WEEKS Case Study

How I Stopped Shrinking And Scaled My Business to 6 Figure Months With Less Effort
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