You and I both know you're a POWERHOUSE who is DONE playing small, right?

I've got your back, woman. Watch the video below to discover how I can help you CONSISTENTLY attract and convert IDEAL high end clients, so you can [at the very least] DOUBLE your income and free time...

What makes me different? Results...
$50K Booked in THREE WEEKS
Janelle Hoyland helps her successful women reconnect their relationships through her spiritual gifts
$47K Booked in THREE WEEKS
Whitney Nicely shows 6 figure earners how to expand their wealth through "no money down" real estate investing strategies
Settling for "just enough" to pay the bills? Fahgettaboudit.

Tolerating the WRONG clients who mentally and emotionally EXHAUST you? Ancient History.

"Cookie cutter" marketing that speaks directly to the "I can't afford it" crowd? Buh Bye.

Because I'll show you how to position yourself as THE authority that your IDEAL clients say a full body "YES!" to on the $pot.

You do want to make money and impact as big as your PURPOSE, don't you?

Thought so.

Now, before we get ahead ourselves, I'm Desiree. And I don't believe it's a coincidence that you've found your way to my site. 

You see, I only work with high achieving coaches, mentors, healers, speakers, and transformational leaders who are DONE playing small. 

And are ready to take their businesses to the 6 or multi 6 figure level fast... while being true to who they REALLY are [not who others expect them to be]...aaaand WITHOUT spending hours posting on social media or chasing after prospects.

That is what I call a Radical FREEDOM based business. And I can show you how to build one of your own provided you're willing to break a few "rules".

Imagine celebrating a $10K CASH month in just 30 days from now...consistently closing $5K/10K/20K sales in ONE phone call without ever feeling pushy or salesy...or booking 3 brand new clients in a DAY from ONE Facebook post. 

Those are the type of results my clients are getting. That's why I'm confident I can show YOU how to do the same...even if  you're NOT a business coach, you don't have a big list, fancy website, or a VA.

What would that mean to your bottom line? Your confidence? Your family?

Good news is that it's all within your reach IF you have someone in your corner to show you the HOW.
It all starts with a choice. A decision to stop hedging.

If you choose to ditch your doubts and take a stand for yourself...

To decide to quit flirting with success and actually get it...

If you're willing to go ALL IN and give yourself permission to RECEIVE "more than enough" money to support yourself and your family the way you truly desire...

I'd be honored to show you how to play a much bigger game.

My clients are smart, POWERFUL, mission driven service based entrepreneurs who know they are on the edge of something AMAZING, but they need some guidance and accountability to make a quantum leap. And they like a little woo-woo thrown in for good measure.

If you're DONE with undercharging, overthinking and overworking...

You're exasperated from hopping from coach to coach or program to program...and still not achieving the results you KNOW you're capable of...

And you're ready to stop wasting your time, energy, and money. Then, let's make this online thing work FOR YOU for a change - I'd love to show you how to make your dreams a reality NOW [not "someday", maybe never].

Together we'll take you from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to relax and fulfilled with a STEADY flow of the cash and IDEAL clients you know you deserve by now. 
$50K in THREE WEEKS Case Study

DOUBLE Your Income and Your Free Time:
Discover How to Attract IDEAL Clients in Less Than 60 Minutes Per Day
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